Series: Road to War: Causes of Conflict
Book: Causes of World War II

WWII Cover Book Summary
World War II was the largest and costliest conflict in history, involving most of earth's major nations and claiming some 55 million lives. It erupted in September 1939 after the armies of Nazi Germany invaded Poland. But the roots of the conflict lay in decisions and events of the previous two decades.

This book examines the causes of the Second World War. It discusses the ramifications of the Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended World War I but bred much bitterness. The book details the rise of militaristic governments in Italy, Germany, and Japan during the 1920s and early 1930s. It discusses the unsuccessful attempts by the League of Nations to resolve international conflicts peacefully, as well as the Western policy of "appeasement" toward aggressor countries. Ultimately, each of these diverse trends paved the way for the outbreak of World War II.

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Book Information
Hardcover ISBN: 1-59556-004-1
64 Pages
25+ color maps, photos, illustrations, chronology, glossary, further reading, internet resources & index

Author Bio
Jim Corrigan has authored numerous newspaper and magazine articles, as well as several nonfiction books for students. A full-time freelance writer, Corrigan specializes in topics relating to history, travel, and ethnic studies. He has studied the World War II era for more than two decades. His other books for young readers include The Civil War in the West, Europeans and Native Americans, and Filipino Immigration. He is currently writing a book on the Civil War’s Battle of the Crater. He is a graduate of Penn State University and currently resides near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.