Series: Forgotten Heroes of the American Revolution
Book: Francis Marion: Swamp Fox of South Carolina

Francis Marion Cover Book Summary
The year 1780 was a dark time for the Patriot cause during the American Revolution. In the southern colonies, the British army seemed unstoppable; by August, the redcoats were firmly in control of Georgia and South Carolina, and were poised to invade North Carolina and Virginia. But an unlikely hero named Francis Marion emerged from the swamps of South Carolina to disrupt the British plan. Leading a small band of soldiers, Marion waged a guerrilla war, striking quickly at the enemy, then escaping to nearby swamps and forests to avoid capture. Marion's effective tactics led frustrated enemy commanders to nickname him the Swamp Fox. His resistance during 1780 and 1781 helped turn the tide of the Revolution in the South, and contributed greatly to the eventual American victory.

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Book Information
Hardcover ISBN 10: 1-59556-014-9
Hardcover ISBN 13: 978-1-59556-014-8
80 Pages
30+ color maps, photos, illustrations, chronology, glossary, further reading, internet resources & index

Author Bio
Scott Kaufman is associate professor of History at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina, where he teaches classes on U.S. History. He is the author of Confronting Communism: U.S. and British Policies toward China (University of Missouri Press, 2001), and The Pig War: The United States, Britain, and the Balance of Power in the Pacific Northwest, 1846-72 (Lexington Books, 2004), and co-author of the revised edition of The Presidency of James Earl Carter, Jr. (University Press of Kansas, 2006). He is currently writing a biography of Rosalynn Carter.