Series: "The Changing Face of North America: Immigration Since 1965"

Refugees CoverCovering both the U.S. and Canada, these titles provide fairly detailed treatments of their subject matter. The introduction and foreword are repeated in each volume. Aykroyd and Staeger then devote chapters to where individuals have come from, with both discussing Cuba and Haiti, and Refugees also spotlighting Indochina, the Middle East, and Europe. . . . Deported Aliens delves into methods of controlling the flow of undocumented immigrants, deportation proceedings, and alternatives to removal. All three books are current and clearly written, with a minimum of minor errors. Boxed material, bar graphs, and sepia-toned or full-color photographs contribute to a pleasing, open format. Consider Refugees over Asylees if budgets are tight; all three books present solid report material.

--School Library Journal on Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Deported Aliens.