Series: "Discovering the Caribbean"

Bahamas CoverEach of these excellent overviews includes a history of the region, as well as information on the people, flora, fauna, agricultural and other economic products, culture, and major cities. Readers are made aware of the similarities due to geographic location, but the unique characteristics of each island are the major emphasis here. The authors' readable styles will capture children's interest as they discover three-foot-long iguanas and cockroaches with antennae that protrude four inches. The books are illustrated with full-color photographs and include quick-facts inserts, easy-to-prepare recipes, helpful glossaries, and useful project and report ideas.

--School Library Journal, on Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, and The Windward Islands.

Dominican Republic CoverEach volume covers its island's geography, history, culture, major cities, and tourism. Barbados discusses the blend of English and African cultures, beginning with the arrival of the British in 1625 and the subsequent enslavement of Africans in 1640. Little information is provided on the native Amerindian inhabitants, the Arawak. Dominican Republic looks at the regional music, dance, and religion formed by the melding of Spanish and African traditions. Both titles include simple recipes and two pages of useful ideas for related projects and reports. Colorful borders and photographs enliven the straightforward texts. Additional purchases for children not quite ready for the "Enchantment of the World" series (Children's).

--School Library Journal, on Barbados and Dominican Republic.

Leeward IslandsAuthor Lisa Kozleski is faced with the challenge of defining and describing the Leeward Islands, a group denoted as such due to their position to the trade winds. Other than sharing a similar location, much of the factual information would indicate that there are as many contrasts as similarities. The flora and fauna is varied, the governments differ, and the topography offers a variety of terrains with a variety of economic strengths. Like the others in this series, Leeward Islands offers fact boxes and all the reference aids that would make this attractive for reports. Another good entry in this series.

--The Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium on Leeward Islands.